Invitation Design: Stephanie

I almost cried when Steph called to tell me she was engaged; I was so happy for her! Her and her fiance (now husband) found each other after years of prayer and they couldn't be more right for each other.

Steph and Charles' wedding had one of the most beautiful backdrops I have ever seen: the majestic granite cliffs of Yosemite, rising above the tiny Yosemite chapel where they were married.

Steph's color was a soft coral with accents of brown. To match the natural, rustic setting of their wedding, I drew a pen-and-ink sketch of Yosemite's traditional dogwood blossoms and scanned it into the computer to use as the main motif for her wedding materials. I chose a creamy paper with a distinct laid texture to further reinforce the nature theme, while still retaining a sophisticated and elegant quality to the piece.

Here's the original sketches, and how they came out in the final design:

The invitation consisted of two staggered tea-length panels, fastened with petite matching coral brads for an easy-yet-clean binding. The first panel had the main information, while the second showcased a simple map of the Yosemite area and housed a tear-off RSVP postcard.

I created small icons to indicate different areas on the map.

The progams were simple, one-panel sheets in the same textured cover stock and inks as the invitations, with the dogwood blossoms accenting the top, and finally, matching escort cards helped carry the theme through on the big day.

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ChelcyWalczy said...

Would you be willing to sell your sketches for use on a wedding invitation? I have a much different design idea for my best friends invitation but LOVE the sketches. If you would be interested in selling them for one time use please let me know. Chelcy.walczy@yahoo.com